About Calendars- Noval


My Shalom.  My Comfort.  My Shelter from the storm.  You surround me with Your faithful love and compassion.

Come and drink.  Draw your life and strength from My heart.  Your calendar’s starting to fill up.  That’s not a bad thing per se if you’re following My lead, but the temptation increases to run on adrenaline, stress and your own strength rather than what I provide- My grace, My power, My shalom, My wisdom.

So when life gets busy, that’s a sign that you need the quiet place more than ever, a place to pray, to listen, to rest in Me, to draw your life from Me.

It’s really true that My yoke is easy and My burden is light!  That doesn’t mean you’ll never get weary or stretched but it does mean freedom from the free-floating guilt and angst that accompany trying to run on your own steam.

My joy and peace are the hallmarks of the Spirit-led life.  They’re ways of testing whether the yoke you’re operating under is truly My yoke or some other yoke like guilt or shame or law or the fear of man.  So a full calendar can be a hallmark of My spirit‘s work in you or it can be a manifestation of the flesh.  The issue is not so much how full the schedule is as it’s what (or whose) yoke you’re under.

When you look at the calendar, the schedule, the to-do list, is there joyful anticipation of the fullness of life? Or is there dread, anxiety, stress and a sense of oncoming exhaustion?  If it’s any of the latter, it’s not My yoke.

Well, it’s NOT, is it?? Does burnout, fatigue and stress sound like “easy” and “light”?

I thought not.  Look, I know emotions are fickle and somewhat unreliable, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless.  I gave them to you for a purpose.  If the joy and peace aren’t there, something needs adjusting.  And it could be the stuff on your calendar.

Well, it seems to me like the loaded calendar sort of creeps up on me. An opportunity comes that looks like fun or a wise investment of my time, so I add it.  Then another, then another and before I know it I’m busier than I want to be.

Sometimes your “busyness” is more perception than reality.  Look again at your January calendar.  Sure, you’ve got things penciled in for a number of days, but most of them are 1, 2 or maybe 3 hours.  There’s still plenty of time to meet with Me, to journal, to spend time with Sheryl or even take a nap!  I’m NOT saying go out and look for a bunch more stuff to put on the schedule.  Nobody ever said a packed calendar is a mark of holiness.  I’m just saying that if you keep spending quality time with Me you can keep your commitments AND stay under My yoke, retaining your joy and peace.  If I want something added, I’ll let you know.  If somebody else wants to add something, come talk to Me before you commit.


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