Enforced Quietness – Noval


Winter Wonderland

Monday 1/25/16

You shut me up to Yourself.  You hem me in, limit my options, enforce quietness and rest.  Kevin had to cancel our breakfast appointment.  Then the snow came and church was cancelled.  Purim (a local ministry where I was going to speak Sunday evening) was cancelled.  I was uneasy about going out on the streets for my Monday “bull session” with the guys and now I find that Bible study was cancelled for tomorrow morning. 

Interesting turn of events.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Your directive to “maximize my exposure to You, then maximize my exposure to people.”  Seems like circumstances have sort of limited my options.  

Are you griping? 

Not really, Lord.  Just trying to gain some wisdom and perspective. 

Sometimes I call you to rest, to listen to the quiet.  You put something on your blog last year about the amazing amount of stuff you can hear when you get quiet.  Remember? 

Yes, I do. 

Well, when I enforce quietness and rest, I’m seeking to bless you, to call you to Myself, affording you the opportunity to hear Me.  Come to Me.  Let Me lead.  Sink your roots into the soil of My grace and find rest for your soul. 

You live in a culture that’s addicted to stimulus, interaction, activity, perpetual motion.  I didn’t design the human soul to run “full on” all day long.  Haven’t you often observed how much you enjoy the quieter, slower pace of your retirement? 

Yes, I have and I do. 

Well, there you go.  In My goodness, I took some stuff off your daytimer. Enjoy.  And shut off that nagging, harassing voice that keeps saying, “what are you DOING?  You should be DOING something!”  He’s no friend of yours, nor of Mine. 

There’s a time for doing and a time for being.  Let Me lead in this.


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