On Rest- Noval


Bahamas Blue- Sheryl, 2010

My Shalom.   You are my Peace, my Shelter from the storm. You are a Fount of salvation, of liberation of the soul from fear, guilt, shame, restless boredom and a thousand other maladies rooted in sin. 

You are my Wisdom. You shine Your light on my path and lead me in the way of joy, peace, hope, understanding.  You enrich my soul with Your love. 

Thank you in advance for the upcoming Florida trip.  I look forward to the time with friends and family.  Make us ambassadors of Your love and peace. 

Maybe it’s the anticipation of being back in Florida, but I keep seeing a day at the beach.  In my growing up years, I found nothing more relaxing than stretching out face down on a towel in the sand, closing my eyes; feeling the sun warm on my shoulders, listening to the roar of the surf. the cry of the gulls and the shrieks of little kids as they romped in the waves.  I could feel the tensions drain away.  I had to be careful not to go to sleep and burn my back. 

Rest is part of My plan for My creation, and for you.  On the 7th day of creation, I rested, and so blessed the Sabbath and made it holy to Me.  Rest is more than inactivity.  You can be sitting still but have your soul not resting. 

Rest is a skill. It’s a posture of the heart, mind and soul that says, God IS and therefore all is well and all will be well. 

Vacations, sabbaths and retreats are all well and good, but you can engage in all sorts of recreation and not truly rest. 

If you want true rest, be deliberate about placing things into My hands and leaving them there: things like your time, your health, your finances, your relationships, your gifts, experiences and abilities.  The soul at rest places all he is, all he has and all he does into My hands.  The deeper My lordship penetrates into your lifestyle, habits, thought patterns and priorities, like the warm sun on a summer day penetrated your muscles, the more your soul knows the true rest-rest from the labor of trying to manage your own life.

This is one reason we’ve had the repeated dialogue where you ask for more direction for your life, more input into how to spend your time, talents and resources and I keep responding, “I am the Way.”  If a gave you a detailed roadmap you’d be too tempted by the lure of self-management and move away from true rest.  

Abide with Me.  Rest in Me. Enjoy My Peace, My shalom and you’ll bear good fruit-much fruit- and have enough light for your feet for today. 

I’m not saying you can’t use a daytimer or calendar or discuss priorities with Me or with your spouse.  I’m just saying beware of the trap of self-micromanagement that leads you to try to control too many details. 

One way of practicing this is to anticipate the enjoyment of the people in your life, every day.  Don’t get wrapped around the axle about how you’re going to “minister” to this person or that person.  Relax. Enjoy everyone you meet.  People are treasures. When you’re enjoying people, staying truly open to the wonder of who they are and what they’re saying, I’ll see to it that “ministry” happens. 

Give Me everything.  Stretch out and enjoy, rest in My grace.  I’ll bring the fruit, plenty of it, the right kind and at the right time for the right people to pick.


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