Foundations – Sheryl


“Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it” (Ps 127:1)


Lord, You dropped a picture into my mind a couple of days ago.  Would You explain it more fully?  The picture was of some large blocks of stone, possibly granite.  I perceived they were foundation stones for something, but they were askew and broken.  A large wooden mallet was lying with them.


“The stones are the foundation stones of a life– yours, anyone’s.  It may be a spiritual foundation, a foundation of good habits or principles of living.  The foundation may be recent or one built since childhood.”


And the mallet?


“It is a large mallet for it represents a person’s free will.  You can use your free will to disrupt your life and break down its foundations at anytime.  You might be at a low point in your life through illness, discouragement, others’ sin against you, being overloaded with responsibilities or work, or maybe you are just tired of being the responsible one in the crowd.  Any of these might increase your vulnerability and susceptibility to the enemy’s lies.  Perhaps these sound familiar:


* You deserve a treat.

* You have a lot to do.  You needn’t exercise today.

* God’s not going anywhere.  You are too busy for Bible reading today.

* You don’t have to be that regular in church attendance.  You need time to kick back, be with the family.

* Just taking one won’t hurt you or anyone else.

* You can get over your hurt feelings or anger–don’t rock the boat.

* It’s late and yes you have a busy day tomorrow, but you deserve some time to yourself to unwind. Finish your book, visit with your friends on Facebook, play your computer games.  It will help you block out your worries and relax.

* That “R” rating is misapplied. it is a very meaningful movie.

* You had some trouble with alcohol when you were younger, but they say now a glass or two of wine is good for you and it will help you relax.


“Satan tailors his lies to each person’s weaknesses or vanities.  Pretty soon, if you aren’t asking for My wisdom and seeking it in My Word you are picking up the mallet to destroy your own foundations.  Choose life in all things, not those things which lead to death and destruction.”


I need all of the spiritual armor You have given us for the battle!  (Eph 6:10-19)


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