On Freedom and Grace



What fun I’m having, connecting with people, enjoying conversations, seeing opportunities to share about Your faithfulness without getting uptight about evangelism and the Great Commission. 

Remember what you found with your work life.  When you stopped taking yourself so seriously and began to  relax, you not only enjoyed your work more, but you got better at it.  It’s the same way with ministry or evangelism or the Great Commission or however you want to characterize it.  My grace brings freedom. 

Abide in Me and with   Me and you’ll bear plenty of fruit.  Aren’t you finding that to be true? 

Yes, Lord, and it’s bringing a freedom, a peace, a sense of shalom to my life that tastes so good! 

One reason you need to stay in intimacy with Me is that as I expand your territory (and I’ll do it, you don’t have to), you’ll need discernment about which doors to walk through.  An open door doesn’t always mean a direction from Me.  Let Me help you discern between good, better and best.   

In terms of your time, talent, treasure and spiritual gifts, let Me be your Investment Advisor.   Be sure to conserve time and energy to minister to Me, and to your spouse. 

The fields are indeed white unto harvest.  It’s a good thing to get out into the vineyard, to mix it up with people.   But remember- balance. Marathon, not sprint. Seek My rest, My shalom, My balance.  Abide.  Everything flows out of that. 

An effective life doesn’t necessarily mean a full calendar.  In fact, when the calendar gets too full, effectiveness gets threatened by fatigue, burnout and stress.   As you come to Me, you’re putting your sails up.  As you let Me be the Wind in your sails, I can take you to all sorts of amazing places.


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