The Treasure We Carry – Sheryl

crown jewels

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God  and not to us. (II Cor. 4:7)

Lord, watching some of the Azusa Now – The Call to repentance, forgiveness, renewal, letting go of old wounds, reconciliation across racial, ethnic, cultural, and denomination boundaries on Saturday was awesome!  Then after ten or so hours of live streaming this into our sanctuary the wonderful Spirit-led worship on Sunday brought us close to each other and to You.  Thank You for guiding us to be a part of all that.  Guide us going forward by Your wisdom and the power of Your Spirit in us.  I love You, Lord! Praise Your Name!


“Thank you for tarrying this morning. So many of My kids either beg for things or worship then run out the door.  You would not do that to another person. You would consider that rude.  I want very much to be a part of the conversation, a part of the fellowship.


“Today I have a jewel for you.”


Say on, Lord!


“Your worship is sweet, your words appreciated.  Always linger.  I love giving gifts to My people. Today I wish you to become more aware of the treasure you carry.  I AM in all My power resides with you and in you.  I think My people forget that My Spirit is a part of the very Godhead.  My Spirit is more than a gift.  He is Me.  I AM that I AM dwells in you.  My fullness, power, wisdom and gifts are all available to you as you walk in My Spirit in the world.  Because I dwell with you and in you you are able to make wise choices.  But this is not an automatic thing.  You are not a puppet.  Your part is to increase your awareness of Me through the Word, worship, good teaching, prayer, all the things that draw you close.  Don’t shy away because of sin or the enemy’s lies that you can’t approach me because of them. Come sooner, rather than later.  Lay your brokenness at My feet in repentance and I will restore you.  It is also the enemy’s lie that you must wallow in shame or punishment.  Did I not run toward the prodigal when he turned back toward Me?  I love you with an everlasting love.  So love one another.”


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