The Resurrection – Sheryl

Header Oldies Resurrection Quilt

Resurrection Quilt

I had a dream, a series of vignettes, with various groups of people, but featured in each segment was a colorful quilt.  I believe You told me, Lord, that the quilt symbolized the resurrection.


“The Resurrection of My Son was and is the pivotal point of history.  All history past and future points to it and turns around it.  It shows the radiance of My glory, the depth of My love, the willingness of My sacrifice, and the greatness of My power.  It brings salvation to the willing soul, redemption, restoration, re-creation, and purveys My gifts.


“The Resurrection is the Christmas skirt that holds My gifts, the picnic cloth for the fruits of My Spirit.  Wrapped around you it is a life jacket to keep turbulent waters from overflowing you and it is fire retardant against the flames of hell.  Yet it enables you to snuggle safely in My arms.  In its folds are joy and peace, healing and deliverance, the glue for brokenness and the key to the heavenlies.  Because of the Resurrection you have hope in the impossible and rest in the unimaginable, have wisdom for the unreconcilable and faith in the unseeable.  The Resurrection is the great light shining through the dark night of the soul.  It delivers you from the law and opens the gates of grace.  You can once again walk with Me and hear My voice as I created you to do.  Embrace the Resurrection and the kingdom of God is among you and the blessings of heaven belong to you.”


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