Gentle Breeze [Noval]

Joy’s Willows

Loving life today.  Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening. 

I see a big tree in full leaf.  There’s a gentle breeze blowing and the leaves tremble and the branches move subtly.  

When the wind of My Spirit, blows, it’s not always characterized by frantic activity and constant motion.  Quietness is often the best environment for Me to speak and move, to direct and guide.  A heart that’s not at peace will have a hard time hearing me and getting clear directions.

When I move in a life, sometimes it can be spectacular and dramatic, but more often it’s quiet and subtle: an attitude shaped, a prejudice released, and assumption about Me and how I work reformatted.  Sometimes I work the best and sweetest changes over time, and you have to get quiet and reflective to discern them: old fears eradicated, old wounds healed, gradually increasing joy, peace, contentment, confidence in My provision.  Fruit doesn’t grow overnight.  First there’s the bud, then the blossom, then, as the petals fall away, a gradual swelling and filling at the tip of the stem.  

Sometimes it’s easier to see the subtle, gentle development of fruit or gifts or wisdom or the capacity for service in others than it is in yourself.  Therefore, you have a responsibility to each other.  When you see the evidence of My Spirit’s work in another’s life, be quick to note it and offer encouragement.  Encouragement is like fertilizer- it enhances the ripening, sweetening process. 

Seek the quiet, often. The spiritual fathers identified quietness and/or solitude as a specific spiritual discipline, and that was wise.  Quietness has to be practiced, pursued, cultivated.  Discernment is not compatible with noise, excess movement and extraneous activity. 

My Spirit prefers whispers to shouting.  He appeared as a Dove for a reason.  If I have to shout through struggle or pain or loss to get your attention, that’s an indication that you’re being stubborn or headstrong in some area and may be headed for disaster.  If you cultivate quietness and seek to listen in the often subtle ways I whisper to you and you respond appropriately, I won’t have to yell, and that’s how I prefer it.


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