On Leadership-Noval

Beaufort Sunset


Lord, I need You. I cry out to You. Restore my soul.  Cause me to walk in wisdom.  Cause me to run in the path of Your commands. 

Here’s my question: am I losing strength?  Am I carefully guarding and structuring my life to avoid challenges, to avoid being tested, to avoid leading? 

Leadership takes on many forms.  You can lead by example, by who you are. 

Is that really You, Father, or is that just me comforting myself on my passive, laid-back lifestyle? 

What did I tell My disciples about leadership?  

Well, that leadership is servanthood, washing feet, the towel and the basin, all of that.  But sometimes leadership means taking the heat, shouldering responsibility, making hard decisions.  I think I tend to shy away from that kind of leadership. 

Leadership is about influence.  There are different ways to exercise influence.  Good leadership is more a function of who and what you are than what you do. 

Think about your career at Dominion.  Yes, you rejected the management track.  But it wasn’t just the avoidance of responsibility that led you to that choice. It was a matter of gifting and calling and temperament.  By staying on the technical path, you were able to exert quite a bit of influence. 

I hope that’s You and not just me congratulating myself for avoiding responsibility and the harder road. 

Did you find joy in the path you took? 

I did.  I took great pleasure in my work with a few exceptions.

Well, didn’t I promise abundant life?  You found joy and fulfillment in doing the things well that I equipped you for.  When a man (or woman) does that, he leads by example. 

So what does leadership look like now, in this phase of life?

Do what you’re doing.  Hang out with people.  Have lunch. Make connections.  Write, teach when I bring the opportunity.  And keep drawing your life from Me.  Keep sinking your roots deep into the soil of My love and life and take the opportunities I give to speak, share, encourage, write.  Don’t complicate it. 

That actually sounds almost too easy, like the Broad Road. 

The opposite of self-indulgence is not rigid asceticism but self-surrender. Stay in a posture of surrender and the yoke IS easy and the burden IS light.  Yes, at times the narrow road will bring suffering, but you don’t need to go looking for it.


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