An Intimate Conversation [Noval]

wine and cheese

From my journal, 9/12/13 

You satisfy my soul with Your lovingkindness.  You surround me with Your faithfulness.  Teach me Your ways.  Lord, speak-I’m listening.  I’m hungry for Your counsel.  You are the Bread of Life. 

I see the little cottage with the table set with bread, cheese, wine and some fruit.   The candle glows in the bottle.  You sit across from me, arms on the table, a cup in your hand, relaxed, smiling.  As I see the candlelight in Your eyes, I feel like I’m drawing strength from Your Presence.  Just sitting here with You brings peace, contentment. 

This is good.  You’ve been busy, driving up to Harrisonburg, driving the girls around.  I love it when we just sit together. 

What’s on Your heart, Lord? 

You.  Your maturity, sure; your fruitfulness and productivity for My kingdom.  But also your fulfillment and joy.  I want your life to be rich, abundant, overflowing with good things.  None of these things are in tension with each other or at cross-purposes.  You will find your deepest pleasure, your fullest joy, your greatest fulfillment in answering My call to be My disciple- in love, in servanthood, in worship, humility and faith.  

I know that’s the truth.  I spent a lot of years foolishly thinking that ultimate fulfillment would be in career, or in marriage, travel or adventure- all sorts of human, under-the-sun experiences.  And I’ve experienced a lot of these pleasures. I’m thankful for them, but they don’t fill me up.  Only You fill me up.  And when I’m doing what you’ve created and designed me for, that’s true pleasure. 

I think about how my attitude about work, about engineering shifted in the mid 70’s.  I went from hating my work to loving it when I learned the secret of working as unto You, allowing You to do work through me.   I was no longer trying to draw my life from the work, but rather seeking to allow Your life to flow through me to the work.  

Well, you discovered My grace, didn’t you?  When you found out you didn’t have to be perfect, on the job or anywhere else, it brought a lot of freedom to you.  And creativity. 

As you’ve shared with others many times as part of your testimony,  I did come to bring the kind of freedom to people that allows them to discover and be their true selves: more creative, more adventurous, more willing to crawl out onto the limbs of life where the best fruit is.. My grace sets people free from the fear of failure, which is the worst sort of prison. 

I’m looking forward to the time at the beach.  Thanks in advance-it’s such a special time of year.  

You’re welcome.  Let’s spend lots of time walking and talking together.  I have lots to share with you. 

By faith I receive that, Lord!  I’ve heard some great stuff from You during previous beach visits and I’m expecting more of the same.




One thought on “An Intimate Conversation [Noval]

  1. Tremendous. I am still struggling but am encouraged by a few breakthroughs I have had recently. It is something to be developed with time. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. arthur

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