Light Your Candle [Noval]


You’re right, Lord.  It’s not the beach my heart really aches for.  It’s a sense of purpose, of mission and of connection to You and your eternal purposes. 

The massacre in Orlando yesterday grieves my soul..  I grieve for my nation, for my culture..we stumble in darkness.  It seems like the very threads of civilization are unraveling. 

I know I should have hope and rejoice in the good that’s still happening, like the mission to homeless vets (Liberation Family Services, that I toured this afternoon.  I want to be part of the Answer.  Lord, let Your kingdom come! 

I see a candlelight vigil.  A stadium or arena filled with candles, small flames lighting up the darkness.  I instinctively know the significance of this vision. It has to do with Mother Theresa’s rule: It’s better to light one candle than to stand and curse the darkness.  I understand.  I need to fix my hope on Your eternal kingdom and seek to serve, love, light up the darkness wherever I can.  It’s just that events like yesterday seem to magnify the darkness, make it seem overpowering. 

Remember your physics. 


Darkness is the absence of light, not its opposite.  When people turn away from the truth, chaos isn’t far behind.  But remember what John wrote:  the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overtaken it.  Let each day be a fresh opportunity to live, work and proclaim the truth.  Live in My presence.  Write, teach, reach out.  Be a friend.  Be a listening ear.  Put down the gavel of self-righteous judgement and take up the towel and the basin. 

Quit focusing on how tiny your candle flame is. Focus on how big your God is, and the power of this gospel.  Serve with joy.  Put on the garment of praise. 

You’re not alone. You are part of a community of faith that’s committed to live out the truth in the midst of a broken world.  You have a high and holy calling.  Fix your eyes on Me.  You can and should grieve at the death and destruction and cruelty. That’s part of your humanity.  But let the sorrow put steel in your soul and renew your commitment to live in, walk out and proclaim the truth.  Take courage.  I’ve overcome the world.



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