Lead Me in the Way Everlasting-Sheryl

09 rainstorm filled our creek

Good morning, Lord.  I feel like I am in the jungle again.  Will You lead me to peace?…I see You lift the curtain of the jungle with Your arm and there is the glade and reflecting pool.  It is dark, cool, and restful here.


“Come and rest awhile by the water.  Listen to the song of peace.”


You are my peace.


“Yes, but the music of the spheres is around you.  It sings of Me and quiets the soul.  Everything has a voice of sorts.  Creation sings to Me and of Me.  Why shouldn’t a place like this speak to you of peace and hope.  I have given you a hope and a future.  Your ultimate future is with Me.  Your physical body ages and points to that future.”


The aging part isn’t fun when parts wear down and give concern.


“Don’t fight or resent coming closer to Me.  Your future is greater than your present.”


Please help me to deal with the issues with peace and without anxiety.  And I will still ask You for healing, for deliverance from pain and from a lot of meds.  Please give me wisdom.  I don’t want to lose the joy of the present and in the life You have given me.


“Rest in Me and follow My instructions. Continue to ask for wisdom and follow it.  There is a way that seems good to you, but sometimes I don’t lead the easiest way for My own purposes.  I do promise it will bring you ultimate good as well.  You are correct in believing I don’t waste pain.”


I love You, Lord.  Lead me in the way everlasting.


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