Living Stones-Living Color-Sheryl

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“You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:5)”

“Through suffering true gold shines forth and shines all the brighter for its background.”


So, You do allow sickness and suffering at times?


“It is why I must stay My hand and allow persecution at times, too.  Sometimes My people ignore Me until I’m all they have.  Then, even though others see the suffering, they also see My provision, the love, even joy, and peace my child has and long to have it.  It isn’t the way I set things up, but My provision is always available to My people.”


You seem to have healed all who came or were brought to You.


“I had the encounters My Father brought Me.  I know hearts and ministered to the whole person not just the physical.  Most of My people have not learned to listen carefully to Me to see what I am doing and need to do, but go directly to praying for healing because that is what is asked for.  This is not spelled out for every healing recounted in My written Word.  But remember the times I told a person to go and sin no more?  Remember when I encouraged faith and forgave sin?  There was more taking place than you first notice.  Dig deeper, dear.  You have My heart to want all healed, but sometimes other issues need to be taken care of first.”


It is not always easy to hear.


“And it isn’t wrong to pray for healing, but you need to grow in discernment and hearing My voice at all times.”


I want that, Lord, for understanding in how to help and pray for others, but also for myself.  I would really like to know what is standing in the way of my healing, especially of my blood pressure.


I can see that our neediness in different areas is often what inspires us to dig deeper into Your Word.  The Bible isn’t just a book filled with nice stories.  It leads us into life and godliness and a deeper understanding of Your character, what You have done and why You did it.  I want to know those things. It is so awesome when You walk and talk with me and then tell me it is what You want, too, that You created me for it.  You are so good and so gracious, Lord.  Thank You!  I feel drawn back lately to the banks of the River of Life.  I am also more aware lately of the other living stones around me.  Perhaps there is more You want to say about this?  I know You have a plan for my life and I want to go in whatever direction You lead.




Teacups, Lord?


“Remember the story of the potter and the teacups?  As the Master Potter I make vessels created for many purposes, with varieties of gifts.  Often the ones of greatest beauty are delicate and fragile in such a way that My light shines through them.  Those ‘teacups’ have also gone through the most processing and firings.  My hands are often on them in shaping, drawing out impurities, putting on them My own stamp of beauty and authenticity.  Some wrench themselves out of My hands, become misshapen, ugly, only a caricature of what they might have been.  Some insist on uses they were never created for and receive a forgers stamp.  They insist they serve Me, but I am not the god they serve.  Remain in My hand and trust Me.  Wait upon Me with patience and courage.


“It is in the same way I shape My living stones.  I often use those around you to help wear off the rough edges.  Have you noticed how wet rocks are the most colorful?  Stay in the flow of My living water so your beauty is revealed and you, also, will be a trophy of grace, a vessel of honor, a living stone to show forth My honor, praise, and character.”


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