On Marriage [Noval]

Sheryl & Noval

I love You, Lord, my Salvation.  You surround me with blessing, pleasure, provision.  Don’t let Your blessings become a snare for my feet, wooing me into a life of self-indulgence, complacency and indifference.  Teach me a balanced view and understanding of pleasure. 

One of the greatest pleasures You have given me is my marriage.  I’m so blessed by the love, friendship, intimacy and companionship of my wife.  Lord, make our marriage a prophetic picture of Your covenant love and faithfulness to Your people. 

It’s not good for the man to be alone, I observed in the garden.  In dividing Adam into two interdependent parts, I further refined My image in him.  Before the foundation of the world, there was love, fellowship, intimacy and mutuality in the Godhead.  As you serve and love and support each other as husband and wife, you show forth My glory. 

This, of course, is one reason  that the enemy of souls hates marriage and the family so profoundly- it reminds him continually of Me.  War on marriage isn’t just war against humanity, civilization, human flourishing and prosperity.  It’s war on Me.  Seek the health and nourishment and flourishing, not only of your own marriage, but those of your kids, your friends  and the Body of Christ. 

Pray for protection from the lies, distortions, seductions and discouragements of the enemy.  Pray for the young generations coming, that they would value, honor and protect this holy institution.  Pray for the shepherds-pastors, priests, elders and prophets, that My wisdom and counsel and heart for marriage would flow often from the pulpit. 

Pray for your political and civic leaders, for judges, magistrates, legislators and law enforcement, that a fresh wave of understanding of the central value, importance and significance of marriage will sweep through your land. 

Keep looking for opportunities to enrich and invest in your own marriage, through seminars, books, retreats, Sunday school classes, dates and getaways.  Never stop learning and growing as a couple.  The generations coming after you are watching, whether you are aware of it or not. 

A city set on a hill can’t be hidden.  The best defense against the cultural distortions and perversion of marriage, sexuality, gender and family is not to rail in anger at the brokenness, but to joyfully hold up and celebrate the goodness and health of My original design. 

Guard your heart.  Be careful in your use of the media.  Popular culture is full of lies about My desires and design for marriage and the family, and many of them are quite subtle.  Pray for protection of your own heart and mind as well as those of your friends and family and the whole church.


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