Stop. Consider. -Sheryl

38A lilies on 2 stems

Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger (James 1:19)

Lord, is there a reason Philemon was in line for me to read today?  What do You wish to talk about?


“You are sad.”


Yes, for the politics of the day, our choices, and the controversy over it even in the family.  I know You call us to peace, but also to stand for truth and morality.  There seem few to stand behind.


“Philemon likely made a snap judgement and was angry when he first saw Onesimus don’t you think?”


Yes, that’s likely. Onesimus was a runaway slave who may have stolen from him.  He suddenly reappeared at Philemon’s home.  I imagine he was on his knees before Philemon.


“Philemon didn’t know of Onesimus’ changed heart and life.  He didn’t know yet the contents of the letters Onesimus carried though they were being lifted up before him.  Philemon’s snap judgement could have cost Onesimus his life, but I stayed his hand.”


How do I apply this Lord?


“Stop.  Consider.  Turn to Me for My opinion before you give yours, especially if it is a contrary one.  Even if the perceived offense or untruth seems as clear as blasphemy, don’t jump in unless I tell you to do so and give you the words.  You neither need to participate in useless controversies or throw pearls before swine.  Occasionally I returned fire or provoked it, but it has to be done with the Father’s wisdom.  I said or did nothing He didn’t sponsor.  It is not time yet for judgement fire, though it will come.  All have not come in yet. Pray and work for the ingathering. That is the primary call I have on My people”


Show me my place in that, Lord.  Give me wisdom and eyes to see and ears to hear.


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