A Personal Psalm [Noval]



I love you, lord, my Rock, my Cornerstone.  You hide me under the shelter of Your wings.  You satisfy my soul with blessing upon blessing. 

Teach me Your ways.  Teach me discipline, self-sacrifice and self-surrender.  My flesh is weak; deliver me from my corruptions. 

You are life.  In your presence is fullness of joy.  You are Peace; Hope; Shalom.  You cause me to flourish. I will bless You at all times.  I will praise You in all seasons.  How can I do less than proclaim Your mercy to all who will hear? 

You are a sure Foundation to all who turn to You.  Fount of wisdom, Your word and Your Spirit keep my soul off the rocks, away from the perilous shoals.  You guide my ship. 

The fool spurns Your counsel.  The voices of his own lusts overpower the quiet voices of reason and truth.  He turns away from wisdom and reaps the whirlwind. The storms come and his house falls.  The dry heat of summer comes and his root shrivels.  Then he rages at what he perceives as Your unkindness and indifference. 

But  You are neither unkind nor indifferent.  You use the reproofs and rebukes and difficulties of life to point our feet back to Your peace.  How great is Your lovingkindness, even in the pain of Your discipline.  You discipline us for our good, that we might share in Your holiness and drink from the wells of Your salvation.


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