Peace in the Storm-Sheryl

Header Christian Peace of God Phil 4-7


Lord, I choose to believe Dr. Anderson that my blood pressure is not dangerous and not leading to imminent, more serious problems.  I look to You for healing and to show me how to deal with this anxiety.  Help me hold up the shield of faith.  Build me up in faith by Your Spirit.  I choose to walk by faith and not by sight.


I think when I first woke up this morning You were telling me how my blood pressure mirrored the state of our government—something like that.  Would You like to repeat that?  It seemed significant at the time, but I was groggy.


“Perhaps you would like to come in by the fire where you can rest.”


That sounds great.  It’s dim and warm and I can snuggle up next to You.


“Rest little one.  You are anxious over much.  The weight of the world is not yours to bear.  That’s My job.  Yours is to draw near to Me and be obedient.  Right now the drawing near is your greatest need.  In Me is peace, rest, wholeness.  Hand Me all those things you are anxious about.”


My health.


“Listen to Me.  Follow My directions.  Set your will with mine.  Here is where you begin obedience.   Anxiety has a right when you want to be in control.  You grew up with it.  It seems such a part of your essence, but it is not.  Neither control nor anxiety are in your DNA.  They are responses of unbelief to circumstances that seem challenging, dangerous, or otherwise wrong to you.”


I thought I learned that lesson in menopause, but here it is again 20 years later.  In my head I know I am not in control.


“So anxiety kicks in because you want to be.”


And my blood pressure goes up.  How do I get out of this loop?  I know I have the shield of faith, yet I know I am in unbelief when I am anxious, that I am not living in peace, trusting You.  How do I get out of this cycle?


“Finish handing Me things that make you afraid, anxious.”


Our governments, especially federal, the political situation, the elections.


“Neither choice is My choice for my people.  There have been a lot of governments I would not have chosen for My people.  I gave Israel a king when they insisted.  I warned them.  They still insisted.  People still insist today on going their own way, even My people who should know better.  I AM their King.  So they reap judgement on themselves.”


There are many of us who don’t know what to do so we try to pick the lesser of evils.


“Doing what is right in your own eyes, trying to be in control, producing anxiety, stress, conflicts, quarreling, dissension, strife.  That’s not Me.”


Tell me what to do. Do we participate?  Who do we vote for?


“First, you must hand it to Me and come to peace so you can truly hear.  Not enough people are listening, but you can still be obedient even if you aren’t in control and can’t change the outcome.  You will be right with Me.  When all this strife abounds judgement is sure to come because people aren’t operating in My kingdom of truth, power, and peace.  Then you have to trust Me to keep you in those times.  My people always have Me.  If you live in peace with one another you also have each other.  That is all My people had in what you call the New Testament church.  They did suffer under the judgement of the land, but they also thrived.  They learned what My people now have lost, for the most part.  If you have Me and each other in unity you are rich.  You can have joy and peace through the storms.”


Help me truly leave these issues with You, Lord, and concentrate on what You want me to do in my remaining time here.  I love You.


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