Streams in the Desert-Sheryl

Header Scenic stream in a desert

Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a parched land. (Is. 32:2)

It has been a rough couple of days with another salivary gland infection, reactions from the meds, headaches, high blood pressure, racing pulse.  Thank You that things are settling down again.  Too much steroid at once seems to have been most of the problem.  Please keep me well, Lord. 


I see You motioning me down a dirt road near the well.  Usually, we are by water of some kind.


“I am the Living Water as I told the woman at the well.  The living water flows out from Me even in what seems barren places.  The more barren and dry the thirstier is the ground.  Remember that when there seems to be no interest.  Some have to be very, very thirsty before they try a sip.  One is often enough to begin the desire for more.  Even as you learn aren’t you thirsty for more understanding?”


Yes, Lord.  Show me when to offer Your water.  I desire to see living water springing up and flowing out of each loved one.  Cause them to be thirsty for You.


“That is My desire as well.  I am always working, always calling.”


On another note—I continue to ask You for a miracle for these upcoming elections.  Convict, change, take down and raise up leaders You can work with.  I pray for those leaders who will both govern by the more godly principles and allow Your people to live unmolested before You.  May Your gospel go forth, many added to Your kingdom, and Your people blessed and provided for.  Show us how to be Your people.  Raise up leaders for us that the darkness will be foiled and pushed back.


“Spiritually America is becoming more like this dry, dusty road.  Yet I AM here for anyone who wants a drink and to live.  I provide streams in the wilderness.”


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