My Beloved-Sheryl



Lord, You are my hiding place.  You fill my heart with songs of deliverance.

We are by the lake.


“Welcome, lovely lady.  As pretty as you are today, I can hardly wait to dress you for the feast and royal court.  Nothing will be withheld from My Bride.  Every good and perfect gift will be yours.  You delight My heart.  You will walk in loveliness, holiness, and beauty.  You will find your full completion, your real self in Me.  And you are right as you think one way or the other you will see My return, when I call to My Bride and say, ‘Come!'”


What a beautiful picture, Lord!  I so look forward to that day and living with You in heaven.  We so often wonder what it will be like.  What kind of work will we do for You?  Will all our questions be answered at once?  Will we just know things as soon as the question forms in our minds?


“Think of the verse ‘You will know as you are fully known.’  Fully is fully.”


What about the work?


“You don’t want Me to keep any secrets do you?  Remember, ‘Now you know in part’ (said with a chuckle).  I want you to go have a good time this afternoon.  Enjoy yourself.  Be yourself.  It is a good self to be.”


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