On the River [Noval]


Lord, You are my Light and my Salvation.  I hide myself in Your righteousness.  I put the cross of Jesus between me and any spirits of pride, anger, fear, greed or lust.  I present my body to You as a living sacrifice.  I choose life.  I choose love.  I choose joy.  I choose humility and the fear of the Lord. 

Come and rest by the River of Life.  Peace.  Shalom.  All is well and all will be well.  I am your Hope, your Healer, your Provider.  Let the River flow.  Let joy flow.  Let love flow.  Let peace flow.

You are the Bread of Life.  You are the Living Water. My soul hungers and thirsts for You, for Your presence.  Your presence brings peace.  You bring joy.  You heal my self-inflicted wounds.  You comfort me.  You cause me to yearn for your righteousness.  

My vision shifts.  Before I was on the River bank, observing the power and beauty and flow of the water.  But now I’m ON the water.  I’m on a raft in the middle of the River.  It’s near dusk.  The sun is setting to my right.  Lights begin to sparkle on the shore.  The River is wide, maybe a half-mile or more.  There’s a sense of anticipation and adventure-who knows what lies around the bend?-but it’s mixed with peace.  There’s no fear 

Let the River carry you.  Downstream is your destiny.  The key to staying in its current is Proverbs 3:5-6.  Trust Me with your whole heart.  That means you need to be careful what you give your heart to.  Don’t get seduced or sidetracked by the world around you.   In all your ways, acknowledge Me.  Continually invite Me into your day, your activities.  All of life is made sacred by My presence.  Don’t lean on your own understanding.  You don’t have to have everything figured out or all of the answers to live an effective, fruitful life.  Listen to Me.  Listen to others.  Rejoice, be thankful, reach out.  As long as you abide with Me and in Me, you’ll have something to offer others. 

This posture of surrender to the flow of My Spirit doesn’t mean you never plan or set priorities.  You can use a daytimer, think about your personal mission statement.  Structure, order and discipline can be helpful.  But be careful to leave Me space to move- to correct you, redirect you, instruct you.  Be willing to make midcourse corrections.  Sometimes interruptions are divine appointments. 

Lord, this is so good!  Your voice brings such comfort and encouragement.  I know You’re always with me, but there are blessed times like this when the sense of Your nearness is just so good.  I think the most delicious aspect of connecting with You like this is the peace, the shalom, the sense of well-being, of being healed, restored, renewed. 

Didn’t I promise that My peace would be unlike anything the world offers?  The problem with the world’s peace is that it’s too tied to the external events and environment of your life, and therefore easily disrupted.  My peace comes from inside, in the Spirit I’ve caused to dwell in you. 

It’s true enough that I don’t always bring peace.  Sometimes I bring disruption, even what seems at times to be confusion.  But that’s only my discipline.  My goal is to keep you securely in the flow of the River, not stuck in the mud or grounded on rocks.  But the better you get at staying closely connected and making those subtle midstream corrections, the less discipline will be necessary and the more Shalom can be continuous and sustained.


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