In the High Country [Noval]

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Speak to me,  Lord, for Your servant is listening.  Your word brings life. 

Yes, the words that I speak are Spirit and life.  Come to Me.  Rest in Me.  Tabernacle with Me.

I have an image. It’s of a camper, high up in the mountains.  He’s alone, it’s after dark and the stars are out.  His pup tent is pitched, his sleeping bag unrolled.  A campfire glows in front of the tent.  He’s sitting in a low folding chair, his feet stretched toward the fire.  He’s holding a mug of something in his hand-maybe coffee. He’s at rest, and he’s listening: listening to the night sounds-crickets or cicadas, a soft breeze in the trees, an owl in the distance, the crackle of the fire.  His soul’s at rest. A peaceful scene- he’s alone, but not really alone.  You are there. 

Solitude is almost a lost art.  But without it, it’s hard not only to examine the condition of your heart, but to hear My voice.  Your culture is focused on productivity: doing, moving, creating, producing, interacting.  But at what cost?  The cost is stressed-out, unexamined, frantic lives; the inability to touch, feel and examine your own soul.  To breathe, to reflect. 

I’ve never been a  camper and I’m sure I’m romanticizing it, but I’d love to be that guy right now.

Why can’t you be?  This isn’t about a physical location, it’s about a posture of the heart.  It’s why Dr. Mark (Virkler of Communion With God Ministries) teaches you to quiet yourself down and look for vision.  Your capacity for imagination and visualization can take you to where you need to be to hear Me and commune with Me. 

Just as the body needs a good 6-8 hours of sleep each night (depending on who you are) to repair and heal itself from the wear and tear of each day, so does the soul need rest. 

And this isn’t always about downloading a lot of data and processing a bunch of information.  Yes, I can and do impart wisdom and direction and instruction in these times, but sometimes you just need to rest, listen to the crackling fire and the hooting owl, smell the smoke, feel the gentle breeze on your face and look at the stars. 

Makes me think of the hymn, This is My Father’s World: 

This is my Father’s world,

and to my listening ear, all nature sings

and round me rings the music of the spheres

….rocks and trees

….skies and seas

…rustling grass


The Transcendentalists and Romantics had it partly right.  I do speak through My creation, just as David said in the Psalms and Paul wrote in Romans 1.  But it’s not complete.  You need the fullness of My word, of Christ and the Spirit to clearly hear My voice, but that doesn’t mean I’m not speaking in the crash of the waves and the lonely cry of the gull and the mist that shimmers in the mountains before it’s dispersed by the morning sun.  I am. 

The  wilderness, whether it’s a remote beach or a high alpine trail, is a great place to meet with Me.  You may not always have the luxury of physically traveling there, but I’ve given you memory, imagination, the capacity for visualization to take your heart and soul there when you can’t take your body. 

David was a master of using visualization to bring himself to Me for soul-repair, and that’s reflected in his lyrics: 

green pastures

still waters

a table in the wilderness

you anoint my head with oil (maybe he was remembering Samuel’s historic visit on that one). 

Rationalism has left you Western Christians really suspicious of the right half of your brains when it comes to relating to Me. You shouldn’t be.  I’ve called you to be My bride, not My business partner.


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