Puppets vs. Ambassadors-Sheryl


I dreamed I was at a  mall or some similar, open, busy place.  A man was operating a remote control toy like you would a car but this was in the form of a crab.  He had it scurrying around people’s feet in the busy mall, going up to people and waving its antennae at them.  The man was not otherwise interacting with anyone.


“A mechanical crab.  It wasn’t really alive but was like a puppet controlled by another in the only way he interacted with those around him.  That is the opposite of the way I interact with people.  It is not the role of My people to be puppets in My hand.  I gave you life and free will.  When you came to Me for living water, new life, you were enabled to live more fully.  You can be more fully the you I created you to be.  You can live larger, freer, with purpose.  As you say yes to Me abundant life explodes within you and flows out from you.  You rescue others out of the overflow and bring glory to Me.  This is how you fulfill the law of Christ, not as a puppet of a disinterested, uninvolved God, but as My ambassador of love.”


So You live through us, empowering us by Your Spirit, but we make the choices to reach out and live in and out of Your joy, abundance and fullness.


“I have set you free not to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”


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