Rule and reign over this year, Lord.


I am in the jungle again, standing still at the moment.  I have followed You through the jungle at times with You hacking the path through for me.  Last time You told me to turn and walk right and I came immediately into the glade.  You told me the spiritual veil is always thin and we can enter through it anytime if we follow Your directions and seek You.  So what is it this time, Lord?  I am surrounded by jungle, but I want Your direction before I take a step.


“You learned your lesson well.  If you feel you are in a jungle of some sort come away with Me.  Seek My wisdom, My perspective.  It will save you a lot of grief. Turn right and walk through.”


Turning right, the right way, according to Your instructions?




And here I am in our peaceful retreat.


“When you focus on Me you find Me.  Do you not?”


Yes, Lord.  You are here with me.  Thank You.  What would You say today?


“Let’s walk over to the bridge.  This is a place of rest in all ways, but it is also a place of reflecting and discerning where you are in life.  Go up onto the bridge and look over into the pool.”


Such beauty and peace there is here with the flowers, plants, pool, and waterfall.  Even the large rocks by the pool seem to be a comfortable resting places.  The water always seems very dark at first when I look in.  It is truly still and mirror-like, reflecting my image back to me.  I see You beside me.  The image I see looks the way I looked in high school, with long, dark hair and much smaller in size.  I am even wearing a blue or turquoise corduroy skirt I remember making in high school.


“You are young in My kingdom, still and always in your prime.  You will always be so even if your earthly body wears out.  You are only at the beginning of your life with Me, a life of usefulness and meaning.  It is what I have for each person I create.  I hold out the gift.  I have made the way back to peace with Me, a life with joy, meaning, and eternal life.  The choice remains the same as it always has been. Choose life.


Yes, Lord.  I choose You.


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