A Spark of Truth-Sheryl

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Lord, would You like to walk with me today?  What would You like to impart?  I see us on the beach.  It is a partially gray and windy day.  Your robes are whipping around.


“I always want to walk and talk with you.  If you are available to learn, I am available to teach you.  It disturbs Me that you brush off some teaching as not applicable.”


How have I done that?


You may not be as addicted to man’s approval as much as some, going to extremes to get it, but you can be hurt when people turn against you or just reject what you believe or how you do things.  You want to be right and you take it as a personal affront or attack if others think you are not.”


Yeah, I see that.  I usually have thought about what I think and believe, and how I do things and feel it is personal rejection, especially if disagreed with vehemently.  If someone reasonably and calmly advances another opinion, stating it as such, I can perhaps examine it more easily or agree to disagree amiably.  If there is vehemence or ire behind the opinion I am more likely to dig my heels in.  How can I handle things better?


“Even if on the surface you see your opinion as more closely aligned to My Word, examine theirs, looking for bits of My truth.  This would be a good way to keep peace and check to see if you really have the whole truth.  Each person has a divine spark, for I have made all in My image.  So why should not their opinion have at least a spark of truth?  If that person is a brother or sister in the Spirit there are more options to consider.  They could still be mostly wrong in their conclusions.  There could be a lot of truth mixed in with some error.  Or you could be wrong.  Imagine that!  You need to be humble enough to entertain that possibility.”


Yes, I can see that would be a more peaceful way to go about a discussion whether with another or just within myself.


“Come let us sit together on the sand.  The sun is beginning to shine and the wind is abating.  Let us enjoy the peace and beauty of the day.”


And the wonderful sound of the waves!


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