This Little LIght [Noval]


I see a candle flame.  It’s flickering a bit and moving back and forth as in a breeze. 

You are the light of the world.  You are the flame; I am the candle.  Just as the flame draws its fuel up the wick through osmotic pressure, so you draw your life from Me.  But there are forces out there that threaten the integrity of the flame.  It’s not just Satan, like the verse says in “This Little Light”.  It’s an array of tools at his disposal: fatigue, sorrow, sickness, the seductions and lures of the world, the pressures of your own appetites. 

The great value of what you’re doing at this very moment- sitting with Me in quietness, listening- is that it allows you to cup your hands around your flame, so to speak, and let it burn unmolested. 

I know I told you not to put your light under a bushel.  I’ve called you to let it shine before men so they will glorify My Father.  But this isn’t hiding- it’s abiding.  Let me pour My life into you so you can pour it out on others.  Dray the fuel of My love, My holiness, My purity, My joy up though your wick so you can burn with a steady light for your bride, your church, your friends and neighbors and family. 

Remember how the evangelists wrote that people could tell that the disciples had been with Me?  That’s what I want for you.  I want people who fear Me to rejoice when they see you coming.  I want your life to create hunger, thirst, curiosity in the lives of those you mix it up with.  For that to happen, come to Me.  Cup your hands around the flame of My presence in  you.  Nourish it.  Cherish it.  Rejoice in it.


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