The Robe of Righteousness-Sheryl

Robe of righteousness

“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD; my soul shall exult in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness.” (Is. 61:10)


Lord, I set my eyes on You. I want to hear Your voice, Your wisdom, your direction.  I don’t want to fly off without it.  I don’t want to be grabbed by the urgent and not know Your will.  Show me Your heart.  Let the music of heaven carry me along, refreshing my spirit, take me into Your Presence.  I love You.


“Patience is never easy, dear one.  You get a thought or a direction and you want to go with it right away.  I think you are thoroughly ready to downsize now.  But you still can go about it slowly, with Me.”


My own ideas have not served me well lately.  This whole medical experience has been awful…I close my eyes and am again swept back into Your music.  I am swept into Your arms and the words “Dance with me oh Lover of my soul” goes through my mind.  You are good.  You are kind.


“Ah, My little one, it should be easier should it not?  Easier to hear My voice, easier to allow healing to flow through you.  Other than the striving and anxiety you are doing nothing wrong.  You are coming to Me.  You know I am your Source, your All.  You feel your need is desperate.  It is not a trifle.  The high blood pressure makes you feel badly.”


I have long believed You wanted to return healing to Your church, since I first heard of Oral Roberts’ ministry.  I have longed for the gift of healing to use in Your service.  I see it in operation around me and hear of it in other parts of Your body.  Yet when it comes to my own praying and receiving there seems a slim block of doubt that it will happen. Will You deal with that block of unbelief?  Why does part of me fight the truth I speak and read and know to be true?


“What are you actually praying for?”


For my blood pressure to be healed, to go down and stay at the level You created for it, so that I can feel better and resume the life I think You want for me.


“Is it a righteous request?”


Yes, I believe so.


“No one is righteous, not even one.  No one in their flesh is worthy. Don’t come to Me based on yourself, your worth.  You doubt because you know this instinctively–that you are not worthy.  But this is not who you really are.  You do not belong to yourself.  Have you discarded or forgotten My Son’s robe of righteousness?  He covered you with it.  Don’t base how you come, your request on a lie; come knowing you have nothing else, but you have Jesus.  Ask through a true perspective.  Understand it perfectly.  When you were 11 you stepped out of your clothes, all your flesh had to offer, all that had been built up in you to that point.  You gave yourself to Me and at no time have I ever given you back.  You are Mine.  Even if you soil the robe Jesus wrapped around you by going your own way, when you repent the stains are washed away.  Come to Me in that robe.  The righteousness of My Son is non-negotiable. Nothing else tempts Me to answer.  But for My Son and those who wear His robe I will pour out the riches of heaven.  Taste and see that I am good.”


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