“Seek Me First”-Sheryl



Lord, I come to You clothed only in Jesus’ righteousness. I know You see me.  Please pour out those healing blessings of heaven upon me.  I need You so.  Only You can do this—heal me outright or cause meds to work without side effects.  Oh my God, hear my request.  Grant me this mercy along with Your peace and joy.  I ask in Jesus’ Name.


Take me, Lord, where You will tonight, wherever I can hear Your voice.  I need You, Lord.  I see the lake, tree, boat.  The boat is overturned.  The lake is very calm.


“Come, sit with Me on the boat.”


It is so good to rest my head on Your shoulder and feel Your arm around me.

“I brought you here for the peace, quiet, serenity.”


It is the quiet of the day, just before twilight.


“Your soul is constantly stirred up.  Something adverse happens and you immediately react on an emotional level.  I don’t want you to be a stoic and stuff your feelings.  Rather, I would like you to stop and come away with Me, instantly, in your heart and mind.  Hide yourself in Me until you see My perspective or know what steps I may want you to take.  If a word needs to be spoken it can wait until I confirm it in a peaceful place.  Do you need to lay something before Me, give it up, give it away?  Do you need medicine, a supplement, a walk, a nap, comfort from Noval, or just rest in My Presence awhile longer?  Don’t run off at the mouth or the fingers.  Seek peace and pursue it.  The costs for not doing so are high.  If someone will take gentle correction fine (You would have asked Me first, right?), but don’t provoke controversy.  It is almost always pointless.  When I or My disciples did it, it was to draw people into My love, not to alienate them.  Let your (My) light shine and speak only as I lead.”


Holy Spirit, bring this back to me as often as necessary.




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