Look Upstream [Noval]


My Light and Hope and Salvation.  You are so, so good to me!  Deliver me by Your blood from the snares of the enemy- pride, greed, lust, fear of man.  Grant me the grace to honestly face my flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings and to place my life in Your hands; to empty myself before you that I might be filled. 

I see a rocky mountain stream. The grade is steep, almost like a waterfall.  The water’s white with turbulence and foam.  Large rocks border either side of the stream.  They’re green with moss.  Light filters through a dense tree canopy, like it might be late afternoon.  The aromas are of moist earth, decaying wood, a hint of evergreen.  It’s peaceful. 

Drink from the stream. 

In my mind’s eye, I kneel on a mossy rock, cup my hands and bring water to my mouth.  It’s cool, clean, refreshing. 

Where does the water come from? 

From You, Lord.  From higher up, up on the mountain.  Perhaps from an alpine lake or snow melt or even a spring. 

And the water represents…..

You, Lord.  Life.  Blessing. Sustenance.  Abundance.  Hope.  Joy.    Flourishing.  Makes me think of James’ observation that “every good and perfect gift comes from [You] the Father of lights, with whom there’s no variation or shadow of turning.”  Great is Your faithfulness!

I come to refresh the thirsty.  How’s your thirst level? 

Pretty high.  I feel like I’m just beginning to taste and see how good You are, like Psalm 34 exhorts.  I long to be a channel of Your living water for others.  You said those who believe in You would have this river, this gusher flowing out of them.  Most of the time I feel like I’m just sort of dripping. 

Keep drinking.  The more that goes in, the more comes out. 

Lord, I want more.  More volume.  Pour out Your life on me so I can pour it out on others! 

Do you believe My promises ?  I said that if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you’d bear much fruit. 

Lord, help my unbelief.  Most of the time it doesn’t seem like much fruit. 

You’re looking in the wrong direction.  You keep looking downstream.  Turn around.  Keep looking upstream, up the mountain.  Keep looking at My abundance; at My goodness, provision, power and purity.  I’ll take care of what flows downstream. 

Stay in worship.  Stay in thanksgiving.  Stay in My word.  Seek solitude.  Seek My presence.  I’ll take care of the fruit.  I’ll take care of what flows out. 

Believe My promise. That’s your assignment-to believe what I’ve told you about how life works.  Abide and bear fruit.  Drink and let others drink from your life.  Live in expectation.  My word is sure.  Have I ever lied to you? 

No, Sir! 

Well, alright then.


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