The Symphony [Noval]


‘No man is an iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine;

John Donne, Meditation 17, Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions


8/5/17  It’s hard now to distinguish Saturdays from other days.  Maybe it’s most like Thursday.   The other 5 days each have something unique on the agenda.  Not Thursday and Saturday. 

We slept late this morning, had some devotions together, then went for a walk, then brunch.  I cut grass, Sheryl’s out running errands.  Her BP’s doing some better today.  Thank You. 

I love You, Lord.  You are my hiding place, my refuge, my joy and strength.  Your word is a fountain of wisdom and encouragement.  You strengthen me against my enemies- pride, greed, lust, insecurity.  My life is full. 

I see a maestro, a conductor in front of a full orchestra. His movements are crisp, vivid, expressive, as are his facial expressions.  He’s having fun, doing what he was created for, bringing out the absolute best in his musicians, producing beauty, joy, life.  He uses his baton like the artist uses his brush, expressing what already exists in his heart. 

Lord, are you the Maestro? 

Of course I am.  I cause all things to work together for good to those who love me.  I orchestrate events, times, seasons and fortunes to move each of My children toward their destiny. 

But I also want you to note that I’ve  created you in My image.  You have a role to play in the grand symphony that is life, culture, history.  You’re part of the whole.  You can’t play all of the instruments, but you can play yours!  When you pray for others, speak a word of encouragement, even share your photography or write something in your blog, or participate in Sunday worship, or when Sheryl grows her beautiful flowers and shares the images, you’re adding your unique notes to the symphony. 

That should bring you joy, as you’re expressing things I built into you.  I am a Creator and I designed you to be a creator.  Not of the same order, of course-  I create things out of nothing and you can’t do that!  Just as the maestro and the orchestra produce music, not just for themselves but others, life’s deepest joys come when your creativity and passion and gifting connect to the needs of others in service.  And needs go way beyond physical, remember.  Man is body, soul and spirit.  The artist, the pastor, the counselor, the carpenter, the evangelist, the cellist, the nurse, the chef- all can find their deepest joy by using their design, their giftings, their passions to meet needs. 

As you yourself observed recently, service is joy.  And service in the human community is as broad and diverse as the community itself.  Like the old folk song says, “All God’s creatures got a place in the choir….” 

Lord, make me an agent of joy.  Let me see my life as a continuous opportunity to meet needs, to love, to serve, to encourage, to create beauty in some way every day, according to my design.


2 thoughts on “The Symphony [Noval]

  1. I believe that is a picture of Andrea Bocelli in the devotional you shared. I have read it twice to get it’s full meaning. Very good word. Before my invited lectures on zika and CRISPR started, I remember driving all the way to your home just to have you pray for me. I believe I recd a special anointing from the Father when you and Sheryl did that. It has led to a series of unbelievable series of events. I am completely open to what else the Father has for me. Thank you for being His instrument – a clean, clear channel of His anointing.

  2. Thank you! Not Bocelli, he’s the blind Italian singer. It’s Andre Reiu- he’s Dutch I think……I’m a great fan of both, by the way. It’s almost as much fun watching Reiu conduct as listening to the music.

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