Is God Good Amid Flames and Floods?-Sheryl


“Fear not, for I have redeemed you.  I have called you by name, you are mine.  When you pass though the waters  I will be with you; and through the rivers; they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God.” (Is. 43:1b-3a)

“I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness.  I will take you by the hand and keep you.” (Is. 42:8)


I love these verses.  In them I see You never intended to keep us from problems and hardship.  In fact You stated in this life we would certainly face tribulation, but in both Old and New Testament You bring us comfort with the promise of Your Presence and eventual deliverance.  But, you don’t promise how or when.  You do still heal. You still work miracles.  You provide, restore, and comfort.  But You don’t always deliver us out of bad circumstances, heal, etc, in this life.  And there are times we just don’t understand why.  Would You speak to some of this, Lord?


You often walk down and upon the River of Life to sit with me on a boulder.  The River is beautiful to look at and to hear the rushing waters.  You’ve shown me all the rocks in and by the River are Your living stones or stones not yet in the flow of Your Spirit on the bank.  What does the boulder we sit on symbolize?


“You know Me as your Rock–your foundation.  You know the living stones as the church, My people.  I said, ‘On this rock I will build My church.’ To what was I referring?”


Peter answered in faith that you are the Christ, the Son of God.  You called Simon, Peter, a rock.  Then You said ‘on this rock I will build My church.’ Most people think You meant Peter, himself, but I think You are showing me that Peter was one of Your living stones that make up the church.  The rock on which the church is built is our statement of faith like Peter’s that You are our Christ, our Redeemer, the Son of God.


“Very good!  And I, the Foundation Rock will never forsake or leave My church or any of its stones.  I bring comfort, protection, peace, healing, provision, deliverance and joy, but not always when you want it or how you want it.  I bring good out of each difficulty for you but it may look differently from what you are looking for in the moment.”


I do feel we are missing out on so much though, Lord.  I don’t know if it is lack of faith or what, but You told us we were supposed to “lay hands on the sick and they will recover” etc.  You said the same and greater works than yours we would do, yet I don’t see any of that in most of us. What is going on?  Sometimes we pray and pray for what we perceive is Your will and nothing seems to change.


Your prayers make a tremendous difference, but sometimes it is not in ways you see.  Your friend’s life was lengthened through prayers though I ultimately brought her home where her rewards are many. She would tell you the waters did not overwhelm her and the flame didn’t kindle upon her faith, her soul, her purpose, or her ultimate victorious entry into heaven.  Though you cannot see it, her path was completed and she left a legacy in many hearts and lives. ‘Precious is the physical death of one of My faithful’ (Ps. 116:15 and Luke 16:22) for then they come into the rewards I have been longing to give those who have lived for Me. For them their death on earth is gain.”


This helps a lot, Lord.  Thank You for meeting with me.


“My pleasure, Little One.  I am always with you.”


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