Don’t Lose Your Legs-Sheryl


Lord, I have had dreams on two nights about something very wrong with legs.  In the first someone was lying down telling me she had no feeling between knee and ankle in one leg.  She could walk and function, but it was worrisome.  Then I had a couple of dreams about legs being operated on, maybe sections removed or replaced.  What do these mean?  What do the legs symbolize?…I think You are inviting me to Your throne room.  Father, show me the way.


“Come with Jacob.”


My guardian angel?


“Yes.  He will show you the way.”




*Yes, m’lady?*


Would you take me to the Father’s throne room, please?


*Hold my left arm.  The right needs to stay free for defense.*


Ok. Ready…We were standing still, yet we passed through to another place, perhaps through the veil?


*The veil is even thinner than you suppose.  Now come.*


The dark shrinks away as more gold and white light opens before me.  I see steps and walkways–Into the temple?


*Yes.  Let’s go forward.  Always proceed toward the light.*


I feel a sense of fear and awe, but I want to go on.


*Holy fear is good.  Awe is proper.*


I don’t see things clearly defined.


*It is before your time, but you will see what the Lord wants you to see.*


There are rows of people, rather indistinct but worshiping, I think.  This room, as I perceive it, seems shaped like an arena.  I feel we are going down.  Shouldn’t we be going up?  Would not the Lord be at a higher place?


*The Lord wants to be seen by His people.  This way gives them the better view.  He wants to see you.  Come.*


My Lord! (I kneel before Him.)


“You do well to come when I call.  But come, sit. You have a seat here.  You have long been seated with Christ in the heavenly places.  With Him shall I not give you all you need?”


I seem not to know how to access Your blessings properly.  You know what I need physically and mentally.  You are my Healer. Help me understand, Lord.  Do You want to tell me about the legs in my dreams?


“In My Word, feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  If you do not put on the peace I have left you and have given you, your legs will be at risk.  When you move toward fear and anxiety, however subtly, you take off your shoes of peace.  Fear and anxiety can cripple you.  You cannot feel and perceive by My Spirit.  Your legs may be paralyzed or even diseased.  Then, in My Healer capacity, I may have to operate, correct, or discipline.  More lessons may need to be learned.  But you won’t be able to move forward as long as you stand on fear not peace.”


I am trying to tell myself the truth, Lord, and rebuke the Liar.  I still don’t feel I am making mch headway.


“Come up here.  Let Me hold you.”


Yes, Lord, I want to be held by You.  I feel Your arms around me.  Peace is in Your arms.


“And if you move away from Me, you move away from peace. Every day you don’t come near and allow Me to embrace you with my arms, with My Word, you move away from peace.  Peace is in My Presence.  You can come into My Presence wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever the situation.  Take the time to come to Me, walk with Me, let Me guide you.”


I have a lot of trouble concentrating on You and hearing from You except alone and in quiet.  I really, really need to be able to hear You wherever, with whoever, and whatever the situation, as You said.  I don’t know how to learn or attain this.  Please cause my spiritual ears to be keener, more discerning and my spiritual eyes to have clearer, more direct focus on You. If I can’t do this how can I speak Your words, see what You are doing, minister more effectively to others?  Help me with this please.


I am still being held by You.  I want to find true peace and rest in You.


“You are being held by Me.  I will never let you go.”


I need to instantly perceive I am here with You, my ears attuned to Your words.  Surely, it is possible to be poised to pray for and minister to others and hear from You in that moment.  Show me how, Lord.  Hone my focus.  Fine tune my ears.


“It can be done and will be done IF you do your part.  Coming to Me more frequently, practicing My Presence and hearing My voice is what will better tune your ears, your spiritual ears and eyes.”


I want that, Lord.  I do.


“To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.  And the peace that is beyond your understanding will keep your mind and heart in Christ Jesus.  I’ll be waiting for you.  Come.”


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