The Main Thing [Noval]


Romans 8:1-  There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


I am so grateful that nothing can or will separate me from Your love: not my foolishness, not my weaknesses and limitations as a husband, father, churchman, evangelist.  Your grace is a miracle, really.  It’s the solid rock of spiritual and emotional freedom, and I am a blessed man. 

It’s a stunningly beautiful day- clear sky, low humidity, warm but with a refreshing breeze.  The birds are loving it and pitching woo at each other for all they’re worth.  Or maybe they’re praising You.  I feel Your peace settling in my soul, and I long to pour it out on others.  Make me an instrument of Your peace.  Let me walk in kindness, holiness, purity  and love.

Have you noticed how often My word juxtaposes love and joy?  Paul listed them as the first fruits of the Spirit..  I commanded my disciples to love each other, but made it a purpose/result statement: love each other that your joy might be full- rich, abundant and overflowing.  Love in all its dimensions- compassion, mercy, forgiveness, encouragement, good cheer, service, kindness, generosity, understanding- is always the path to full, rich, overflowing joy. 

David wrote that in My Presence is fullness of joy.  That’s because I am Love in purest essence- Love defined and Love personified. 

Keep asking Me to increase your skill in loving; now there’s a crackerjack prayer that I’m always willing to  respond to!  Love is the path of shalom, of blessing, of joy, to all the richest treasures of life.  It calls you out of the dungeon of self into the fresh air of connection and relationship.  There’s a sense in which you could argue that every malady that infects the soul: pride, greed, lust, jealousy, self-pity, anger and unforgiveness- flows from a kind of amnesia that’s forgotten how to love.  Make love your aim.  The one skilled in loving has truly mastered life.


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