Rest in Me-Sheryl



I am sitting on the beach with you, Jesus. It is pretty windy and we are wrapped in cloaks.  The sun is shining though.  What would you tell me today, Lord?


“The winds of adversity are blowing. You are feeling the winds blowing on your friends as well as adding to your own issues.  This is where you give it all to Me.  You have brought things to the Father.  Let Me now stand as Advocate.  That is my calling.  I will represent you and your friends and family, whom you bring, before the throne.  We hear the cries of our people clearly and our power is not limited.  We cherish each of you and work to bring you the relief you seek.”


I know your power is not limited.  Why is it our healings take so long?  Is there something we need to learn or do?


“You know all things are in the hands of the Father and his perfect will, will be done. There are many factors, including your own education at times or that of others.  There are also things you don’t or can’t know.  Only when you reach heaven will all things become clear.  We keep our promises.  In the meantime you have my Spirit, the Comforter, to be with you to comfort, strengthen, teach.  What you need is not always what you want right now.  But all things DO work together for the good of those called according to the Father’s purposes.  We never leave you alone. We always give hope.  We live with you there until you live with Us here.  Live each day as it comes; push back the darkness; rejoice in the light; seek peace; live in trust; love with my love.  Rest in Me.”


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