Jesus in a Hot Tub (?!?) [Noval]

Jesus Laughing

Jesus Laughing-Yongsun Kim

Lord, You are my shalom.  I confess my ongoing vulnerability to angry, self-righteous judgement when I see what’s going on in the political arena.  I’m grieved when I see what’s going on in Judge Kavenaugh’s hearings, but I know my anger doesn’t work your righteousness. 

Grant me the wisdom to know when to speak and when to stay silent.  Show me what it truly means to be salt and light in this culture, in this era.  Let love be the hallmark of all my communication, all my actions. 

OK, this is different….  I’m sitting opposite You in a hot tub.  You just dunked your head under the water and then came up wiping the excess water off Your face, out of Your hair and beard.  I notice your chest.  It looks broad and powerful and – well – hairy.  You grin at me.  You are obviously enjoying yourself. 

I can feel myself relax as the heat penetrates my muscles and the effervescence from the jets tingles on my skin.

Refreshing, isn’t it?  David visualized green pastures and still waters when he wanted his soul restored.  Why not a hot tub?  Just as it does the body good to enter a state of rest and relaxation, so for the soul. This is more than emotional and spiritual goofing off.  Don’t let the enemy of your soul harass you with guilt.  You need this.  Everybody does. 

Seems like I do more resting and relaxing than anything else these days. 

Well, as your body ages, you need more and more.  Besides, it’s not without purpose.  We’re here together.  That should count for something!  In fact, it should count for a lot.  Jesus grins and splashes water at me. 

Look, labor is more than physical.  You were just writing earlier about how you have to fight these internal enemies of anger and judgement because of your current national political climate.  That stuff takes its toll on the soul, and there’s much to intercede for. Prayer is a high and holy endeavor, but it’s also very much work.  The more you pray, the more you need to let the warm water of My grace penetrate your spiritual muscles. 

You’ve been spending a lot of time with people. That’s good. And in a sense healthy relationships and communication can energize you, but they can also take something out of you.  Kind of like a good run or workout in the physical realm. 

You’ve had (and taken) more opportunities this last couple of weeks to pray for and with people.  That’s good-keep at it.  The more you do it, the better you get at it.  It’s a skill.  And it’s more critical to the mission of discipling the nations than a lot of people realize. 

But again, prayer is energy.  Prayer is a resource.  That means your need for these times with Me, in the hot tub, if you will, become more and more important.  To give to others, you must receive from Me. 

Faith is a muscle.  Love is a muscle.  Service is a muscle.  They grow as you exercise them.  But they can also get sore.  When we spend time together like this, you can get the kinks out.


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