Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord-Sheryl


“The kingdom of God is among you.”  (Luke 17:21)

Lord, it was cool to come across Heb. 12:22 today and to read in the present tense “You have come to Mt. Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering.”  It sounds like some of the scenes You have shown me.  I knew it was real but it is nice to see Paul confirming it.


“The kingdom of God is among you.  When you believed you knocked and I opened the door to the heavenlies.  It is all around you if you have eyes to see.”


It is so amazing, Lord.  It is one thing to know I will see it after I die and another to catch glimpses of it now.  Open my eyes to all You want me to know and see.  Open my ears to the song of praise the earth and heavens sing to You,  I worship You, Lord.  I sit here watching the waves crash on the shore, the birds flying, showers across the water, the blue and gray of skies and hear the chattering and calling of the birds.  My sense are full of all You have created and my soul and spirit reach to You in love and worship.


“Go walk along the shore.”


…Here I am seated on the sand in the place I often see us.  And now I feel some drops of rain!…I walked a little ways, took some pictures of the rolling surf and dark clouds, but didn’t get a chance to stay sitting long on the damp sand.  By the time I got back to the room it was pouring.  It was still fun, Lord, walking near the powers in nature You created.


“You can hear Me and see Me anywhere and everywhere.”


Thank You for walking and talking with me.


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